A Man, A Beard, A Camera

I'm a self taught, amateur photographer. I love travelling and take my family to strange far away places once or twice a year. I needed a way to document and remember our adventures, so in September 2013 at 41 years of age I picked up my first DSLR.

This is a collection of my photos from home and around the world. I have a bunch of cameras - most of my photos are taken with my favourite camera, a Fuji X100.
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Sunday Breakfast…

'The Wily Mr Fox'

We found him moonlighting in a thrift store. He comes with his own set of The Classics…



Follow me down the streams of sweat on your body.
Catch & Release

manbeardcamera Look!

We’re doing this bdsmbeautifullybound


Beautiful 1920’s Romance set made as per a Dom’s request. I think she will look amazing in it.

This brown leather softens and look more and more vintage with use. I love this leather just for that reason. 




'Alone in the Crowd'

This is one of my favourite photos from China. I took a series of photos of this lady as the crowd passed her by.

East Nanjing Road is reported to be one of the busiest pedestrian paths in the world. The number of people that flow along the footpath is astounding….it’s like someone just turned on a giant tap and it’s running with people.

I was sitting outside of Forever 21 (they don’t cater to big blokes with beards) watching the tide of people wash by when a middle aged couple came along with their kids and Nanna in a wheelchair. They just stopped right in the middle of the path, put the handbrake on and wandered off into the shop….leaving the old lady to the mercy of the crowd.

Nanna’s House

One of my little projects is my ‘one shot’ series, usually during road trips. There are quite a few of these throughout my blog. Basically I see something I like while driving, pull up and take the shot (one shot) out of the window of my car and move on. My Fujifilm X100 is my favourite camera for this.

My road trip buddy absolomphotography is a pro photographer. She struggles to take just one shot…but she’s learning!

Sunset over Tombstones - Part 11.

Those that have been following for a while will know that I like old graveyards and playing with sunlight. So what better time to visit the dead than at sunset!

This is a little graveyard just outside of Boonah on Queensland’s Scenic Rim. No-one has been buried there for well over 110 years. The ‘residents’ look like they might have been settlers in the area. Half of the graves are those of infants and young children, an indication of the harshness of Australia’s outback.

I just supported It’s #GameOnGoldCoast! on @visitgoldcoast

Johnny Rock and Brooke

Totally random strangers I found admiring our beach. They were from out of town and I asked for their photo. Then it poured with rain and we had to run away. It would have been nice to chat with them….

A thunderstorm with sunshine….? It’s about to get very wet on The Bund, Shanghai.

We experienced some crazy weather in China.